How to Make a Kim Kardashian Inspired Scrapbook

Ariel Luy


Aug 02, 22

The Kim Kardashian Effect

Whether you love it or not, we can all admit that Kim Kardashian has a knack for bringing back old trends. From the early 2000s velour tracksuits to the 80s biker shorts, Kim Kardashian has an effortless way of making past fads cool. The newest comeback? Scrapbooks. 

That’s right: Good ole’ paper, tape, stickers, and photo-filled scrapbooks that highlight amazing memories. But be warned, the scrapbook you’re picturing in your mind is not like your mother’s glitter-glue and tape-covered books of the 90s.

In a Vogue YouTube video, Kim Kardashian shows off an array of items she labeled as her “objects of affection”. Among Kim Kardashian's collection of beige and grey luxury sports cars and North's paintings, four of her prized possessions are the baby scrapbooks she’s created and designed for each of her kids. 

In the words of the reality star herself, Kim Kardashian makes the “most epic baby books”. 

And surprisingly enough, Kim Kardashian isn't wrong. Kim Kardashian revealed that her unexpected and amazing hobby is putting together these epic baby books filled with important details for each of her four kids.

Sure, there are similarities between Kim Kardashian’s scrapbooks and your mom’s scrapbooks. Both scrapbooks have family lineage and baby photos, yet her eldest daughter North West’s baby photos were featured in Vogue and her hospital visitors can also be seen posing on the Met Gala's annual red carpet.

Don’t be discouraged: While our homemade scrapbooks might not include photos of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West, Kim’s cool-girl scrapbook style is still a trend that is easy to replicate and soon enough you’ll have the most 'epic baby book' in your hands. 

Here’s how to make a Kim Kardashian scrapbook!

Find the perfect Scrapbook Album

True to Kim Kardashian’s clean and minimalistic brand, her scrapbooks have an all-white cover and simple design. If this design style is right up your alley, check out this minimalist scrapbook from Michael’s. Otherwise, Amazon sells a plethora of scrapbooks in a multitude of colors. A few of our favorite scrapbook finds include this Up (2009) inspired scrapbook, this gorgeous floral scrapbook from Hobby Lobby, and this funky bright blue scrapbook album from Michael’s. If you're making this scrapbook to serve as your kid's baby books, try a pastel or more demure scrapbook album.

Find & Print Photos that Remind You of Amazing Memories

Now that you have your album, it’s time to personalize it with your photos.

Unlike twenty years ago, scrapbooking doesn’t have to be painful. Meet Sticker & Co’s personalizable sticker collages. Simply find your photos, upload them into your chosen template and once your custom stickers arrive, stick your photo stickers directly onto the page of your scrapbook – no messy tape or scissors necessary!

Kim Kardashian may have had photos of North West and her first Vogue shoot as a newborn, but we recommend sentimental photos of family and friends, important dates, and significant places you've traveled.

Add keepsake items and personal mementos

Part of what makes a scrapbook so special are the intimate details. For Kim Kardashian, her personal touches includes her four kids hospital details, questionnaires she asks her kids, and photos of her famous friends and family. She has photos of her iconic baby showers for her four kids, screenshots of pregnancy announcements on Instagram and all the little hospital details.

To add your own flair, consider including items such as:

-A handwritten letter from a close friend or family member

-Any old movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, or admission passes

-A list of favorite songs, books, or movies

-A personalized questionnaire with answers from your best friends or family

-Hospital details of your kids or your mom and dad's history

Your scrapbook is the opportunity to collect amazing memories and share with friends and family childhood memories and family history!

Be creative with your layout

While Kim Kardashian’s scrapbooks have a more simplistic approach, don’t be afraid to get creative with your layouts. Use washi tape, ribbon, and other decorative items to add pops of color and personality to your pages. Save pages from your favorite magazines and cut out photos that catch your eye!

Kim revealed that her daughter, North West, is a talented artist. If you take after North West as an artist as well, add in photos or samples of your favorite art pieces!

If you’re feeling extra creative, try your hand at hand-lettering or watercolor. The possibilities to personalize your scrapbook are endless!

Enjoy your finished product

Sit back, relax, and enjoy flipping through your one-of-a-kind cool-girl scrapbook. 

You've done it! You've made a scrapbook worthy of the Kardashian crew. Makeup-mogul Kim is proud of you, and so are we!

Looking for More?

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Make sure to shop our personalizable sticker collages to bring your scrapbook dreams to life!

Let's get scrapbooking! We hope making your epic scrapbook is so much fun!

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