Welcoming Back Our Custom Photo Stickers!

Ariel Luy


Oct 17, 22

What’s There to Love About Our Custom Photo Stickers?

The short answer is that there are probably too many things to count.

Today we just re-launched our custom photo stickers and we’re thrilled to bring back this beloved item.

All About Our Photo Stickers

Sticker & Co. is your one-stop shop for the best quality custom photo stickers. Our custom stickers can be stuck virtually anywhere. From walls to laptops, to lockers, to water bottles, they just won’t quit! The photo collages come in two convenient sizes, 6x9 and 8.5x11, with the option to place a border around your photo or not. And we promise that they will fit perfectly into any space that needs a little TLC!

Through tons of trial and error, we've been able to pick the best, non-toxic sticker materials to make sure that your photos stick! We make our Custom Photo Collages with the highest quality materials and print them using non-toxic inks. Our sticker card greetings are available as permanent waterproof stickers or paint-safe wall decals.

Our stickers are always made of high-quality material. Our waterproof vinyl won’t fade and when customizing your photos to be printed, you can choose whether you desire a glossy or matte finish. 

Our new aesthetic stickers follow this same build. They’re waterproof, gorgeous, and reusable! Stick them anywhere and they'll brighten anyone's day. They are also dishwasher safe and give any laptop, water bottle, or journal an extra special touch.

Prioritize Memories

Sticker & Co. was created because there is so much opportunity to share memories in the smallest ways. We made it simple, our print team uses your favorite pictures that you can upload directly from your phone or computer. We made the website as intuitive and familiar as possible so that the process of uploading and printing photos could come back into favor and become a priority once again.  

Let’s Stick Together

Can you picture why we’re so excited about our custom photo stickers now? They’re amazing! 

We know how important it is to add a personal touch to day-to-day life. With our custom photo collages, you can create unique stickers with endless possibilities. 

Whether it's weddings, anniversaries or a gift for friends or family, our stickers are perfect for any occasion. We are so excited about where this journey will take us. It’s probably the case that most of us need more friendly smiles and happy reminders in our lives these days. Special photos that capture your most precious memories should be seen by all!

Start the fun now, and let’s start customizing your own photo stickers through Sticker and Co!

Ariel Luy

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