Animal Stickers

Animal Stickers

Animal Stickers

Let's face it: animals > people. These vinyl stickers come in various designs and feature your favorite animals from many habitats. Personalize your laptop, water bottle, travel mug, and more with waterproof and durable animal design stickers!

With animal stickers from Sticker & Co, you’ll be able to customize your belongings with all sorts of uniquely designed stickers that you won’t find anywhere else. We offer dozens of stickers with all of your favorite animals from the forest, the farm, the jungle, and the skies. If you like bears, we’ve got everything from polar bears to panda stickers. The same goes for our bird stickers, monkey stickers and all of the other types of animal stickers that we’ve got. 


If you like elephant stickers, llama stickers, or any other type of animal sticker, it’s easy to personalize your belongings with your favorite little creatures. For students, animal stickers are fun to put on notebooks and folders, where they’re easy to show off in class. Other sticker shoppers can add animal stickers to their water bottles and laptops if they want to put them on display in the office. 


At Sticker & Co, you can shop for single, die-cut animal stickers as well as animal sticker collages that include multiple miniature versions on a single sheet. If you’d rather make stickers from photos of your pets, you can also make your own custom photo sticker collage by uploading your photos to our website.


Can I put animal Stickers on helmets?

Certainly! Our vinyl animal stickers make an excellent decoration for bike helmets, sporting helmets, and other safety helmets. You can put Sticker & Co stickers on almost any hard surface that isn’t rubber or silicone.

What type of Animal Stickers do you have?

We offer dozens of stickers with unique designs of all your favorite animals from different habits. Panda bears, monkeys, birds, llamas, elephants, whales, and swans are some of the many vinyl animal sticker designs you’ll find when you shop with Sticker & Co!

Are Animal Stickers long-lasting?

Yes! Our vinyl animal stickers are long-lasting. Sticker & Co sticker designs, including our animal stickers, are permanent and made with top-quality material that is durable and waterproof.

What shapes and sizes are Animal Stickers?

Our vinyl stickers with animal designs are die-cut, so the exact shape and size depends on the unique sticker design chosen. The standard size of our animal stickers is 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches, and the standard large is 3.65 inches x 3.65 inches (exact size varies per design).