Food Stickers

Food Stickers

Food Stickers

These vinyl stickers are great for foodies and food lovers! Personalize and decorate laptops, travel mugs, guitars, sports gear, journals, and almost anything else with a sticker of your favorite food. Our food stickers are waterproof and dishwasher! They're also durable and long-lasting, so they’ll never, ever spoil!

Sticker & Co food stickers is a collection of durable vinyl stickers with designs that look almost good enough to eat! With our food stickers, you can personalize almost any of your things, giving them a touch of originality!

We have candy, cake, and ice cream stickers if you have a sweet tooth. If you prefer healthier foods, we also have fruit and vegetable stickers. We also have funny food stickers that feature animated versions of your favorite foods. No matter which waterproof food sticker you choose, they’re perfect for adding decoration to laptops, notebooks, guitars, bikes, helmets, skateboards, and almost anything else! Our food stickers are also great for water bottles, hydro flasks, and travel mugs because they are dishwasher safe!

If you’re looking for top-quality stickers, look no further! At Sticker & Co, we make our sticker designs with a premium vinyl material that’s waterproof, dishwasher safe, and long-lasting. We print our stickers with eco-friendly, non-toxic inks. They’re matte laminated and finished for durability, so your stickers will stay looking great! 


What are Food Stickers?

Food stickers from Sticker & Co is a collection of our premium vinyl stickers that feature unique designs of all your favorite foods. If you love healthy food, we have fruit stickers of bananas and apples. We also have donuts and ice cream stickers if you’ve got a sweet tooth. You’re sure to find your favorite food when you shop our food stickers!

Can I put Food Stickers on my journal?

Certainly! Our top-quality food stickers make an excellent decoration for journals, notebooks, and folders.

Are Food Stickers waterproof?

Yes! Sticker & Co sticker designs, including our collection of food stickers, are waterproof and dishwasher-safe. Our premium vinyl material makes these waterproof stickers great for water bottles, hydro flasks, and travel mugs because they’re also dishwasher-safe!

How do I personalize my things with Food Stickers?

Personalizing your things is easy and fun with vinyl food stickers! All you have to do is choose the item or surface you’d like your waterproof sticker design to go on, peel, press, stick, and voila! You’ve added a personalized touch to your belonging!