Graduation Cards - Sticker Greeting Cards

Graduation Cards - Sticker Greeting Cards

Graduation Cards - Sticker Greeting Cards

Celebrate the accomplishment of a graduate in your life with a custom card that is also a sticker! Our graduation cards are like regular greeting cards, only you can add a photo and personal message that are custom stickers! With graduation card stickers, the grad in your life can personalize a belonging or decorate a space with a custom photo sticker of a special memory. Sticker greeting cards are great for adding character to laptops, travel mugs, walls, and more!

Celebrate a graduate in your life with a photo sticker greeting card! With the graduation cards from Sticker & Co, add a photo to a custom greeting card. Your loved one can personalize their belongings with these photo stickers and cherish them long after graduation. Not only can you add a personal photo to our graduation sticker card, but you can also add a personalized message!

Our graduation sticker cards are 5in x 7in, featuring a 4.5in x 4.5in photo sticker and a 2in x 4.5in design sticker. That’s right! You’ll receive 2 stickers with our greeting cards!  Sticker & Co greeting card stickers also come with an envelope- so you can easily add postage and send it to the recipient.

Our custom greeting cards are available in two material types:

  • Wall Decal
  • Permanent Sticker

Our wall decal material is non-waterproof, paint-safe, and can be removed and repositioned. These re-applicable sticker greeting card photos are excellent for decorating walls, doors, refrigerators, laptops, and desks.

Permanent greeting stickers are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and have a matte laminate finish. Permanent sticker greeting card photos are great for adding a personal touch to your items. Personalize laptops, water bottles, travel mugs, hydro flasks, and more!

Create a custom graduation card sticker with Sticker & Co today!


What are Graduation Sticker Greeting Cards?

Sticker & Co Graduation Sticker Greeting Cards are custom sticker card greetings that allow you to celebrate a friend or loved one graduating by adding a personalized message and a photo to one of our unique sticker card designs. The design with the custom message and the picture are peel-away stickers the recipient can use to decorate and personalize belongings.

Can I remove and reapply graduation sticker greeting cards?

Our wall decal sticker greeting cards are repositionable! While making the selections for your graduation sticker greeting card, choose “wall decal” for material type if you wish for your sticker card to be wall-and-surface-friendly with the ability to reposition!

What are graduation sticker greeting cards made of?

Our sticker greeting cards are available in two material types. For waterproof sticker cards, we offer a permanent sticker material. We offer a wall decal sticker material for paint-safe sticker cards that can safely apply to and reposition on walls.

What size are graduation sticker greeting cards?

The size of our custom sticker cards is 5 inches x 7 inches.