Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers

Easily create custom picture stickers with any of our photo sticker products. Face stickers, phone grip stickers, sticker collages, and wall decals; Sticker & Co offers a variety of fun ways for you to create custom sticker photos. We use top-quality materials and eco-friendly inks to make our long-lasting photo stickers, so your memories will continue to last and never fade!

Create custom picture stickers using your photos with Sticker & Co! We offer many fun ways for you to take your pictures and turn them into custom sticker photos.

Create stickers of your face, or your pet’s face, with our custom face stickers! Our waterproof face stickers are available in five sizes and come as permanent or removable stickers.

Take your memories with you everywhere with our custom phone grip stickers. Our waterproof phone grip stickers fit most standard-sized phone grips perfectly. With our custom stickers for phone grips, you’ll be able to go through all of life’s adventures with a photo memory on your phone.

Use your pictures and turn them into a collage with our custom sticker collages! Our waterproof sticker collages are available in three different sized sheets and six layout options. Our custom picture collages are dishwasher-safe, durable, and long-lasting, making them perfect for decorating laptops, luggage, travel mugs, and more!

Decorate dorm rooms, offices, living spaces, and more with our custom wall decal photos! Sticker & Co photo wall decals are available in two sizes and are paint-safe, removable, and re-positionable. Our custom wall stickers are perfect for decorating walls, doors, desks, refrigerators, and almost any other hard surface.

Sticker & Co makes it easy to turn your pictures into custom photo stickers. We make all our custom photo stickers with top-quality materials and print them with fade-resistant eco-friendly, non-toxic inks. Bring your memories to life today with any of our custom photo sticker products!


What Photo Sticker products do you have?

We have several options for you to turn your photos into custom sticker products! We offer sticker colleges, wall decals, phone grip stickers, face stickers, and pet face stickers.

Will Phone Grip Stickers attach to any other surfaces?

At Sticker & Co, our custom phone grip stickers are, well, stickers! Even though they’re designed for phone grips, they’ll adhere to just about any surface. If you’re in need of some high quality matte or glossy stickers in this specific size, feel free to stick them wherever you like.

How many stickers can I add to a single Sticker Collage?

We offer three different sizes (5 inches x 7 inches, 6 x 9, and 8.5 x 11) of sticker collages that each feature their own combination of picture stickers. Once you pick your sheet size, you’ll be able to choose from six unique layouts of custom picture stickers, then upload photos for each size on the collage. Some of these collages feature up to 6 stickers at once!

What’s the difference between custom wall decals and traditional stickers?

While traditional stickers will peel with time and get stuck to surfaces, our custom wall decals are made of a higher quality material. Our wall stickers are easily removable and re-positionable without the threat of damaging the paint that they’re on.

What are Face and Pet Face Stickers?

Our face and pet face stickers allow you to turn a human face, or a pet’s face, into a custom photo sticker! Our custom face and pet face stickers are available in 5 size options. You can also choose to have your sticker in gloss or matte and as a removable or permanent sticker.