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After almost 15 years of navigating the name sticker industry, Name Bubbles Founder, Michelle Brandriss, is launching her newest company, Sticker & Co., an online website that allows customers to upload photos, include a custom greeting, and turn their greeting cards into waterproof stickers or repositionable wall decals. 

Sticker Greeting Cards are available in one size (5x7”), and customers can select either a permanent sticker or a removable wall decal for their message. Permanent stickers come in a matte finish and are waterproof and dishwasher-safe. Wall decals are paint safe and can be repositioned up to 100 times, allowing the photo to last for years to come. Both the image and the message are removable stickers that transform traditional greeting cards into a more modern and custom experience. 

Rather than the traditional greeting card being tossed after a quick read, Sticker & Co. has developed a product family members, and friends will love all year long. The photo or message can become part of the decor on any laptop, water bottle, refrigerator door, and more.  

“This product just makes sense,” says Michelle Brandriss, Founder of Sticker & Co. “Every year, I feel guilty throwing cards from my loved ones and friends in the trash bin. I can visualize all of the wonderful picture walls that will be started with the wall decals or the stickers that go to work with you on your travel mug in the morning. We will have little snapshots and places where we can track memories and see family. It’s so fun.” 

Along with Sticker Greeting Cards, Sticker & Co. offers a wide range of personalized products, such as sticker collages, custom wall decals, phone grip stickers, kiss-cut, and die-cut stickers. With its motto being “Let’s Stick Together!” the company’s goal is to allow memories to live on through its personalized sticker products. Sticker and Co. is a one-stop shop for custom sticker collages, die-cut & kiss-cut stickers, phone grip stickers, wall decals, and the world’s first sticker greeting card.

Sticker & Co is a division of the popular name label company, Name Bubbles. This woman-owned business is located in a small town in upstate New York. The company believes that every sticker and custom decal is made with a little bit of sunshine and is created and packaged by an experienced team of people, dedicated to giving a happy customer experience and stellar product.


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