Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

Upload your photos and graphics to create custom stickers in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Our custom decals allow you to personalize possessions, decorate your space, or promote your business or event. Our custom vinyl stickers are made from top-quality, waterproof materials designed to last for the long haul without peeling or fading away.

Make custom stickers using your own graphics, photos, or artwork -- company logos, photos of your kids and pets, or whatever you want to print on a custom sticker! We make it easy for you to make custom decals with our custom sticker printing options.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make your own personalized stickers. The custom sticker design process is simple. To start, just choose from our standard shapes, including circle, oval, square, and rectangle options. You will also find standard shape kiss-cut stickers, also known as classic “easy peel” stickers. And, if your perfect design idea requires a special shape, we offer custom die-cut stickers and custom shape kiss-cut stickers for even more unique custom-printed stickers. Waterproof and durable, these custom vinyl stickers are great for laptops, travel mugs, water bottles, cell phone cases, skateboards, sports gear, and just about anything else!

You can also make custom bumper stickers and business card stickers for when you’re looking to promote your business, brand, or personality. It’s amazing how something as small as a custom-printed sticker can make a big impression.

No matter what you’re looking to create, Sticker & Co can make it happen with our custom vinyl sticker printing options. We make top-quality custom decals from premium materials so you get long-lasting, durable, and waterproof stickers. We print our custom stickers with eco-friendly, fade-resistant inks so that the photos and graphics retain their beautiful colors and details over time. Easily bring your vision to life with custom stickers at Sticker & Co and receive a proof of your new custom stickers immediately!


How Do I Design My Own Custom Stickers?

Here at Sticker & Co, we can make custom stickers from images uploaded by you. Whether you want to make a custom sticker design from a piece of digital art you created or a photo of your dog, we can turn it into a beautiful custom vinyl sticker. We offer personalized sticker options in different shapes and sizes in various styles. No matter what you’re looking for, we have a custom sticker printing solution for you. Upload your own image, use our editor to make any adjustments, and we’ll send you your personalized custom stickers!

What Are Custom Die-Cut Stickers?

A custom die-cut sticker is a sticker that has been cut into a specific shape using a die-cutting machine. Die cutting is a manufacturing process that involves the use of a die (a sharp, specialized tool) to cut materials into specific shapes. Die-cutting is one of the most common processes to create custom stickers. Our custom die-cut stickers are available in multiple sizes. Choose from 1 inch x 1 inch, 2 x 2, 3 x 3, or 4 x 4. Custom sticker sizes are available as well. 

What Are Kiss-cut Stickers?

Kiss-cut stickers are created using a similar process to die-cut stickers, but while die-cut stickers are cut all the way through both layers of sticker paper, kiss-cut stickers are only cut through the top layer, leaving the backing paper intact. We use this process in custom sticker printing to produce products that are easy to remove from the backing paper and apply to a surface. 

What Are the Size and Shape Options for Custom Business Card Stickers?

Our custom business card stickers are available in just one size, 3.5 inches x 2 inches. However, you can choose from seven different layouts to make custom stickers that best represent your business. Custom business card sticker layout options include circle, square, half circle, rectangle, diamond, oval, or full image.

Does Sticker & Co Have a Proofing Process for Custom Stickers?

Yes! When you upload an image to create a custom sticker, you will be able to edit and adjust your design with our user-friendly editor. Once your custom sticker design is set, you can see an instant proof of the finished product. For the best custom sticker printing results, please upload images with a resolution of at least 300ppi.