Travel Stickers

Travel Stickers

Travel Stickers

If “Yes!” is your answer to new adventures, then our assortment of travel stickers is just for you! Display your love for traveling and new experiences with our waterproof, dishwasher-safe, durable travel stickers. They’re great for adding a personalized touch to water bottles, hydro flasks, travel mugs, laptops, journals, and anything else that needs some originality!

Sticker & Co travel stickers let you express your love for traveling with uniquely designed vinyl stickers that are durable, waterproof, and dishwasher-safe!

Our travel stickers are fun to collect and even more fun to personalize your things with. You can put these dishwasher-safe stickers on water bottles, travel mugs, hydro flasks, and canteens so you can take them everywhere! Show your love for traveling by adding them to laptops, guitars, helmets, skateboards, or any of your things that need a touch of personality!

Sticker & Co sticker designs, including our travel stickers, are made with high-quality materials, printed using fade-resistant, non-toxic inks, and matte laminated for durability. Your stickers will stick strong and stay looking great through all your adventures!


What material are the Travel Stickers made of?

Our travel stickers are made with a premium vinyl material and printed using eco-friendly, non-toxic inks. They’re matte laminated and finished for durability, which makes them perfect for decorating any of your things!

Are Travel Stickers dishwasher safe?

Yes! Our waterproof travel stickers are also dishwasher safe! We know it’s fun to take your favorite stickers with you, so these dishwasher-safe stickers are excellent to put on water bottles, canteens, hydro flasks, travel mugs, and coffee cups.

Do Travel Stickers come in different sizes?

All our waterproof travel stickers are die-cut, so the exact size and shape vary based on the chosen unique design. The standard size of our travel stickers is 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches (standard large size is 3.65 inches x 3.65 inches). Check out our custom sticker products if you want to make a custom die-cut sticker- with Sticker & Co, you’ll always get the perfect stick!

Can I remove Travel Stickers after use?

Certainly! If you’d like to, you can remove a travel sticker after putting it on something. Our vinyl travel stickers are permanent, so after you have removed them, you will not be able to re-stick them to another item. We design our travel stickers to be long-lasting and durable, so think of a good place you’d like to put them because they will stick strong after application- and we’re proud of that! If you’d like a sticker that is removable with the ability to be repositioned, try our wall decals and custom products that use our wall decal material.