Giving a New Meaning to "Get a Grip"

JoAnna Schwartz


Oct 26, 20

Giving New Meaning to "Get a Grip"

Life can be challenging at moments. Sometimes you need to get a grip - and when you get that grip, stick a personalized phone grip sticker from Sticker & Co onto it and shine on!

Phone grips officially entered the mainstream in 2012 when PopSockets LLC introduced us to removable phone grips for smartphones. We subconsciously thank them for their genius every time we take a picture-perfect selfie, need a phone stand to watch a video, or simply need something to fidget around with when we’re idly sitting down.

We loved browsing the phone grip racks at our local convenience stores, searching for that perfect phone grip design that represents who we are and what we love. Designs like cats, dogs, beautiful landscapes, outer space, etc. - the world was your oyster!

But what if we told you that that perfect phone grip design doesn’t actually represent who you are or what you love?

What if we told you there was a way to rock the cutest photo of your pet on your phone grip? Or your favorite selfie with your bestie? Or a photo you took of something beautiful in nature. Something unique to you.

Enter Phone Grip Stickers from Sticker & Co.

Sticker & Co strives to make sure you are always surrounded by what makes you happy. Your life should be filled with the things that give you peace, make you smile, or just let you remember something awesome. For that reason, we make everything customizable for YOU!

Our pop-up phone grip stickers' design is 100% up to your preference (barring copyright infringement laws, that is). Choose any design you like right from your personal photo library. Upload your photos from your desktop or mobile device. Adjust the rotation and cropping to your liking - and voila! It’s as easy as "1, 2, 3…cheese!"

Can’t decide which picture is your fav? No worries! Each sheet allows for two unique, customizable stickers. So at least now, you only have to worry about narrowing it down to two choices!

Imagine yourself holding your personalized and stylish design. It's on the back of your phone for everyone to see what's important to you.

We believe in surrounding yourself with those special, picture-perfect moments in your life. Those moments that are unique to you that no one else can lay claim to. Don’t settle for an image of what someone else thinks symbolizes you - create your own!

These phone grip stickers will do just that.

Thanks for being here with us. We can't wait until we're back at you next week with some more of our excellent products and interesting ways to use them! See you then!

JoAnna Schwartz

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