Giving a New Meaning to "Get a Grip"

Blog Pot Giving a New Meaning to "Get a Grip"

It can sometimes be hard to get a grip on life. We wanted to create something that helps you get a grip during those hard moments by shining some happiness in and something that literally helps you get a grip! What could this fantastic combination come in the form of?! Our completely customizable pop-up phone grips.

It seems for a while there, as technology advanced, it got smaller. Now we've taken a complete 180 in many ways, and our phones, tablets, and laptops are bigger than ever! We all want the bigger phone screen for different reasons, whether the luxury feel of the newest model, the bigger screen for in-hand gaming, or just because we can't type on those tiny little keys! But bigger isn't ALWAYS better. Big phones often can feel clunky in our hands and make it harder to grasp onto them. We understand the small annoyance this causes. You pay a lot of this money for a gorgeous phone, and then drop it because you can't even hold onto it! Heaven forbid.

Sticker & Co. has a solution for you. Our solution is a completely customizable pop-up phone grip. It's there when you need it, and pops back down when you don't. It fits comfortably between your fingers to give you a little extra hold on your phone, so you feel more secure overall!

Sticker & Co. strives to make sure you are always surrounded by what makes you happy. Your life should be filled with the things that give you peace, make you smile, or just let you remember something awesome. For that reason, we make everything customizable for YOU! The design of our pop-up phone grips is 100% up to your preference. Choose any design you like right from your personal photo library. Upload your photos from your Instagram, Facebook, laptop, or phone. Uploading your favorite images onto one of our products is as easy as saying "1, 2, 3…cheese!".

Imagine yourself holding your personalized and stylish design. It's on the back of your phone for everyone to see what's important to you. Even when you're not using it, we know you're going to want to stare at it all day. You can thank your own eye for style for that; we had nothing to do with that!

Another convenience of our pop-up phone grips is that they offer hidden organization. If you haven't jumped on the wireless headset bandwagon yet, then the phone grip's circular design is perfect for you. Once you're done listening to your headphones, all you have to do is wrap them around the base of the phone grip to put them away. The phone grip collapses down, so you don't have to worry about them wiggling out of place. Although they always find a way to get tangled up again, while they're wrapped around your phone grip, they'll be good!

We have also seen some pretty cool photos of kids using two pop up phone grips and wrapping their earbuds around them in a figure-eight motion. This ingenuity will keep your earbuds in place for sure, and we think it's the perfect excuse to have more than just one fun photo on the back of your phone — the more, the merrier.

Another great way to make good use of your new custom pop up phone grip is to use it as a media stand. Our awesome grip doubles as a stand that allows you to actually set your phone down while you're watching a video. You could also use it to prop up itself while you're on a video call! The options are endless, but we get it…sometimes you just don't want to have your phone attached to your body as if it was a new organ! The grip allows you to stay connected while disconnecting a little bit.

The phone grips are also a great fidget tool to help deal with those moments where you just need to do something with your hands. It's incredibly calming to have something to spin, pop, and move around in moments that are anything but calm. Our grip is a great way to make sure you always have a tool around you to help you through any tough moment.

After all of this talk about why the pop-up phone grips are so great, we haven't even gotten to the best part…

Surprise! They're not just for phones. You can use them to enhance the grip on your GoPro video camera, on your E-reader, and even your larger tablet. The goal of the grip is simply to give you extra comfort, so why not put them on every device you hold in your hands! Life changes, and so do your tastes! Our pop-up phone grips are easily removable. So, if you decide that you want to switch out the design, we've got you covered! You can take off your original pop up grip, and after ordering another one with a new design, pop a new one on. It'll go on perfectly smooth and in a snap.

If you have a favorite photo that you want to put everywhere, go for it! We are offering a special discount on our pop-up phone grips when you use the same photo as you used in an order of wall decals. And vice versa, if you are looking into one of our pop-up phone grips and decide you want the photo you picked on your wall too, you can add the item using the same photo to your cart for a discount at checkout.

We hope you learned some fun ways to use your custom pop up phone grip, and are excited about all of the possibilities. As always, we want to make it as easy as possible to fill your life with more happy moments and faces of loved ones. These grips will do just that.

Thanks for being here with us. We can't wait until we're back at you next week with some more of our excellent products and interesting ways to use them! See you then!